About Us

Heili Rocks knows that real luxury comes from within.

That true luxury means having a strong emotional and spiritual connection to the things we surround ourselves with, the things we travel this world with. What we choose to wear and how we want to express ourselves.

Heili Rocks believes that the jewelry we wear should be an extension of our truest selves. Heili Rocks offers handmade jewelry attuned to the Earth, with stunning gemstones based on one’s connection to spirituality, wonder and the power of unlocking our energy’s unique potential. We wouldn’t dream of putting anything out into the world that we didn't ourselves love, and we believe that gemstones hold within them a power more powerful than mere sparkle - and never did we think that less was more.

Heili Rocks strives to have a strong emotional and spiritual connection to its customers through our one-of-a-kind pieces - we hope our customers feel something when they wear one of our pieces. We want them to feel extraordinary. Many of our customers feel a very personal connection to each piece that they purchase and truly feel the healing properties that each particular gemstone provides. People will often approach the brand stating there is something they are trying to overcome, something they need to understand - and that the pieces provide them with comfort and support on their journeys to self-discovery.

Our pieces attract a diverse clientele - and, people who aren’t afraid of being looked at. They understand and applaud the power of a statement piece; either seasoned collectors or neophytes - looking to be inspired. Our pieces are for anyone and everyone - those who thrive on the bold, or those who crave to make a somewhat subtler impression. Heili Rocks appeals to every personality. Most of all, Heili Rocks is for those who crave something a little different, those who enjoy travelling down the unbeaten path. Bohemian, or refined - our pieces accentuate your truest style, and your innate, truest self.

Our brand is meant to be an expression of joy; through unexpected shapes, layers, surprising colour combinations, and the glimmer and radiance of our stones’ natural facets.

Haley, the designer of Heili Rocks, instinctively rebels against trends and doesn’t merely walk to the beat of her drum, she cha-cha-chas to it. She hopes that slightly rebellious, 100% fun-loving spirit is conveyed through her designs and that everyone who wears her pieces is inspired to find their own wholly unique beat to walk to.

Heili Rocks doesn’t believe in fast fashion or flash-in-the-pan trends. This brand is meant for the ages and wants only to enhance one’s singularity and personal style.